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Commercial Kitchen Innovations for 2019

kitchen innovationsCommercial kitchen innovations include equipment and technology that deliver better customer experiences, streamlined operations, faster service and safer food. The most exciting innovations are those that match your company’s culinary style or give your chef the ability to multitask and increase the speed of service. When looking for new commercial equipment, it’s useful to choose innovations that make it easier to reproduce popular foods in the latest culinary trends, save space and reduce energy usage.

Locally sourced produce for vegetarian options grow increasingly popular each year. You might want to offer more vegan and vegetarian meals using homegrown herbs and plant-based protein alternatives. Finishing vegetarian meals at table-side raises the freshness level to new heights, but you need quality equipment when creating a Caesar salad, sautéing food at table-side or using chickpea water to prepare a vegan foam.

Many restaurants offer outdoor dining and table-side food preparation for the ultimate in freshness. Restaurants can expand their reach – and their seating capacity – by setting up popup operations, temporary kitchens and outdoor venues for festivals and fairs.

Equipment upgrades that increase your ability to offer multiple dining options include table-top cookers, Bluetooth-enabled thermometers, portable bars and outdoor kitchen units that are self-contained and impervious to weather damage.

A Menu Sampling of 2019 Commercial Kitchen Innovations

Some of the kitchen innovations that are generating buzz in the food industry were on display at the Commercial Kitchen 2019 trade show on 4-5 June, 2019, in Birmingham, U.K. Some of the most exciting equipment innovations at the show included:

  • Medem UK Ventilation Interlock System This advanced ventilation system monitors CO and CO2 levels 24/7. When triggered, the system can increase ventilation or trigger an alarm to provide a warning. Boost mode increases ventilation for a short time to clear the atmosphere for comfort. Kitchen mishaps, such as spilling oil or grease on a hot surface, can generate smoke and odours that need quick clearing.
  • Valentine Equipment Liguria Table-top Pasta Cooker This compact unit is engineered to exacting Swiss standards of design and produces perfect pasta at table-side for incredibly fresh dishes. Features include rapid heating and flexible temperature controls. Simple pasta dishes become the pièce de résistance for customers looking for new restaurant experiences.
  • Lincat Convection Ovens Lincat is introducing a new line of convection ovens in different configurations to meet the needs of commercial kitchen space limitations. Caterers can simplify sourcing by using a single provider, Lincat, for a complete kitchen operation.
  • Unox UK Deck Oven Catering operations will love the new deck oven by Unox UK. You can use deck ovens to customise a cook station column that mirrors the functions of a traditional baker’s oven without the high price and space requirements.
  • Optima Double-hood Passthrough Dishwasher DC Warehousing & Ice Making Systems is offering the Optima Double-hood Passthrough Dishwasher that can handle up to 1,400 plates per hour. The optional DC Steam Heat Recovery System uses the steam from the wash cycle to reduce energy usage by 25 percent. Another benefit is that reusing steam eliminates the need to install a separate condense hood or extraction canopy.
  • Roller Grill Premium VC Contact Grill The Roller Grill used advanced vitro ceramic infrared heating, which heats glass plates directly to transfer heat. This process reduces smoke and waste heat, and the food cooks faster with less oil or butter.
  • Thermapen Blue Thermometer Nothing is more critical in commercial kitchens than monitoring and controlling temperature. The latest technology advance, the Thermapen Blue Thermometer, uses Bluetooth wireless technology to transmit data up to 50 metres.
  • Reco-Air Recirculating kitchen Extract This technology innovation allows commercial catering operations to recirculate air without ducts or vents, so you can locate a kitchen or additional cook station anywhere. There are many sizes, models and configurations from which to choose. All models are UL listed and DW172 and CE compliant.

Other commercial kitchen innovations for 2019 include modular shelving systems, holding cabinets that control heat and humidity with state-of-the-art precision and a grease shield that fits under the sink to remove fats, grease and oils from wastewater that block drains.

Ecology Concerns Are at the Forefront of Kitchen Technology

The Commercial Kitchen 2019 trade show also featured some key technology to reduce energy usage and reuse fats and oils as vehicle fuels. Kingspan Water & Energy is developing practical solutions for recycling grease, oils and fats into vehicle fuels. Viewers at the trade show were able to view the Kingspan SmartServ system in 3D using augmented reality.

Meiko UK introduced its M-iClean UM glasswasher at the show. The technology uses heat recovery to generate up to 15 percent savings on energy usage, and the system uses the GiO reverse osmosis feature to polish glasses, which is a universally hated manual task assigned to servers and bar staff.

Tips for Choosing Commercial kitchen Equipment

Buying the right equipment for your commercial kitchen takes research and careful planning. It’s important to consider your needs and upgrade essential equipment first – such as dishwashers, stoves, cooktops, work tables, grills and stand mixers.

Durability is a key issue when buying commercial equipment that will be used exhaustively for many years. Appliances that are easy to break down for cleaning simplify your maintenance and provide an easy way to check whether assigned work is done.

Important Considerations when Buying Equipment

Keeping your equipment in prime condition is important – especially if you’re providing table-top cooking, have an open kitchen or cook outdoors. The best strategy is to plan your maintenance while choosing your equipment. Here are a few points to consider:

  • Choose a reputable dealer with a strong reputation for customer service.
  • Assign and train key employees to perform routine maintenance from the outset.
  • Post a checklist of maintenance tasks, and assign a manager to confirm that the work has been completed to company standards.
  • Book regular service with a professional technician.
  • Make plans for equipment downtime to complete major repairs or maintenance.
  • Schedule periodic inspections of all equipment to check hoses, controls, pilot-burner assemblies, relief valves on pressure cookers, heating elements and electric cords and plugs.

Hosting Events and Food Experiences

More and more restaurants are hosting special events and food experiences. These include tastings, party bookings, offsite catering jobs and special menus featuring different cuisines. You have the space, food permits and approved capacity, so why not take advantage of extended income-generating events? Kitchen technology innovations in 2019 can help you to manage these events seamlessly. Some useful equipment for offsite, table-side and outdoor catering includes:

  • TurboChef Double Batch Oven This ventless impingement oven gives you the flexibility to cook more food faster, and it’s an ideal solution for space-challenged stations. Two high-speed ovens provide quick service, and chefs can control each oven separately with a split-screen, Wi-Fi-enabled touch controller. The oven utilises impinged air, oscillating racks and variable speed blowers to circulate hot air at speeds up to 80 kph.
  • Specialty Ovens Cook and hold ovens provide the ultimate equipment for busy cooks to set temperatures and not worry about the food. When the food is done, the oven will hold it at a safe temperature until needed. Most of these ovens use radiant heat, which reduces energy usage. These ovens don’t require a canopy or ventilation. Other specialty ovens include combi three-in-one ovens that use steam, convected heat or both. Smart combi ovens save space and can be monitored remotely. Smart oven technology enables include multipurpose units that replace several appliances. The advanced June oven works as a dehydrator, convection oven, slow cooker, air fryer, broiler, toaster and warming drawer. Technology advances will soon produce ovens that can even read recipes and create the dishes using augmented reality.
  • Kitchen management Software In 2019, Jamix KMS software received a 2019 kitchen Innovations Award. The intuitive software is cloud-based, so you can use it anywhere, and it can be used on any device, browser and operating system. Chefs can use it for recipes, costing and menu planning but it also integrates with procurement and inventory management. It’s easy to use.
  • More Appealing Design In offsite catering, table-side cooking and open kitchens, the appearance of your equipment is crucial. Great chefs can create mouth-watering food over an open pit, but if customers see the pit, it needs a clever design and appealing appearance. Many equipment manufacturers are revamping their designs in 2019 by replacing knobs with touchscreens, rounding sharp edges and producing equipment in various colours to complement your front-of-the-house decorating scheme.
  • On-premises Herb Gardens Sustainability is a big draw, and more commercial operations are growing their own produce and herbs, curing meats and fermenting foods. One great new technology is using refrigerated cabinets to grow herbs and microgreens in-house. These units can be used for the freshest salads and herbs, and you can set conditions for each of four compartments for different light, temperature and water needs.
  • Vulcan Versatile Chef Station Vulcan’s Versatile Chef Station, the VCS, is a cooktop that can be configured in multiple ways. The station has six integrated elements that provide even heat from corner to corner. An integrated probe monitors the temperature of liquids. You can use VCS for frying tempura, cooking pasta, searing, boiling braising, sautéing, steaming and shallow frying. The unit connects to your water supply and drains waste liquid into a floor drain or optional 6-gallon shuttle.

Supplies and Accessories for New Equipment

Most kitchen equipment advances are based around gaining new kitchen management capabilities, multitasking, saving energy and speeding service. Regardless of your equipment choices, you need a reputable, efficient and collaborative supplier for parts and accessories – such as canopy hood accessories, cafeteria components, plumbing and fabrication supplies.

Die Pat products fit this niche for more U.K. companies than any other commercial kitchen supplier. The companies offer supplies, sinks, bowls, wash basins, janitorial supplies, commercial locking systems, stainless steel hospital equipment, electronic components and hardware for just about any commercial kitchen need.



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