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Kitting out Your Commercial Kitchen

A kitchen is one of the biggest investments you will make in your restaurant. Kitting out your commercial kitchen will require commercial catering equipment and appliances. Industrial strength products will last for many years and will withstand every task your kitchen team performs.

Planning Your Design

Preparing your kitchen and filling it with appliances, tables/counters, utensils, etc. is exciting and fun, however you need to plan your kitchen design. A well designed commercial kitchen provides smooth work flow to maximise covers together with hygienic and comfortable working conditions for chefs.

The kitchen is the beating heart of your restaurant. If it is not designed with efficiency and safety in mind, it will affect the productivity of your business.

Golden Triangle (or Work Triangle) Rules

kitchen investmentSome chefs use the “Golden Triangle” (or Work Triangle) rules/guidelines for designing their kitchen.

  • Where meals will be prepped – where your equipment will go
  • Where the meals will be cooked and served – ranges, service areas, hot lamps
  • Where the dishes will be washed – sinks, warewashers, etc.

During and after business hours, the most used products your staff members will use are the refrigerators, ranges, and sinks. That is why most food preparation businesses focus on those areas of their kitchen when it comes to design.


All sides of the “Golden Triangle” ought to be between 4 feet & 9 feet. The total for all sides ought to equal between 13 to 26 feet. Where the centre of the triangle is, there should not be a lot of traffic through that area/space. Appliances (including cupboards/cabinets) should be placed away from the triangle points so that there is adequate space in your commercial kitchen.

Another aspect to consider while you design your restaurant and food prep area is an additional space or area that is separate from the kitchen. You will want a room or area where chemicals, cleaning agents, and hazardous materials are kept safely.

If you need help kitting out your commercial kitchen, you might consider using a designing software program for your blueprint. Computer-aided programs are used to draw out designs and will help you get a better layout (a visual), which will make it faster and easier to plan out the kitchen area.

Appliances and Other Equipment

Basic list of what you might need while kitting out your kitchen:

  • Oven(s)
  • Range(s)
  • Commercial grill(s)
  • Food prep & pot wash sink(s)
  • Fridge(s)
  • Dishwasher(s)
  • Counter(s)
  • Storage containers
  • Cooking pots and pans
  • Mixers
  • Food processors
  • Microwave
  • Deep fryer(s)
  • Blender(s)
  • Utensils – whisks, tongs, spatulas, knives, ladles, etc.
  • Shelving
  • Freezer(s) – walk-in freezer(s), upright freezer(s), and/or chest freezer(s)
  • Wash hand basins

The property should already have a well maintained ventilation system, together with fire prevention in place.

You might not need to buy all the above-mentioned appliances and equipment for your business, but the list gives you a good idea to go by. Your menu will dictate the kitchen equipment required.