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You Can’t Have a Successful Restaurant without a Great Dishwasher

pots and pansWhen you’re considering all of the qualities that make your restaurant thrive, you are probably looking at the service, food, decor and other elements. The people who take care of your dishes, pots and pans might not immediately come to mind. However, these individuals actually play a tremendously pivotal role in ensuring that the operations run smoothly.

Cleanliness Standards

Your restaurant is required to meet certain standards of cleanliness, and if you don’t, you could see the doors to your establishment closing in the near future. In the event that an inspector comes and sees dirty cutlery and crockery going out to customers or dirty cooking equipment, your business could be in trouble. Therefore, your dishwashers (porters, pot washers) help you to meet required standards for continuing the operations of your business. It’s important for you to posted the required standards so that employees know what they are reaching for.

Customer Cleanliness Satisfaction

Chances are that you’ve had at least one customer tell you about a dirty plate or a spot on a drinking glass. These issues are embarrassing because you suspect that the diners are questioning your abilities to maintain a clean environment. Your dishwashers, chefs and waiting staff help to provide guests with clean plates on which to eat their food, its a team effort but it starts in the warewashing section


People don’t want to have to wait extended periods of time for their food. Depend upon the type of restaurant you own, it might be a spot where patrons do sit and have a couple of drinks between courses, but they still don’t want to wait forever to eat. If your dishwashers are working with alacrity, then enough dishes can be available to accommodate the food. When they move too slowly, a backup might occur in the kitchen.

Production Line

If you know about production lines, you also know that any minor problem with one part can lead to chaos in the entire production. Your dishwashers are just as an important part of the process as the rest of the kitchen staff. They help to keep the process moving and to ensure that your customers are happy.

Bottom Line & Budget

When you always need to replace dishes, cutlery, kitchen equipment, you are going to have to spend money unnecessrily. We know of a few restauarnts that are still operating with the original copper pans that were originally purchased when the property opened 20yrs ago, why because the restaurants instill the importance and respect deserved onto their dishwashing staff. They are the ones that ensure that the working inventory reaches and exceeds its earning potential. They ensure proper maintenance shedules on the warewashing machines, pre-rinse units, grease traps, baffle filters that ensure longevity of all the kitchen equipment. They literally are your accountants of the kitchen.

Are you surprised by the many roles the potwashers can play in your restaurant and how vital a role this actually is? When you are able to provide them with that information, you have the opportunity to make the lowly pot wash even more valuable to your business.