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Which Pre-Rinse Unit Best Suits your Commercial Kitchen

This guide will assist you by providing you with the knowledge needed to choose the best pre-rinse unit for your commercial kitchen. Selecting the perfect pre-rinse unit will begin with deciding which features you need.

Before you begin searching for specific components, consider these two important issues:

  1. The rinse-sink surroundings
  2. How you plan to use the new unit on a regular basis.

The foundation of all selections will rest on the sink surroundings and the use of the new unit. Unique add-ons and accessories will meet your current job needs and that will continue to meet your job needs for years to come.

Basic Foundational Features:

Basic features must be identified, because each of the unique features, add-ons and accessories are based on these basic features.

1) The punch out on your on sink

2) Deck mounts vs. wall mount

3) Single or double hole

4) Centre dimensions of punch-out

5) Location of your water source

  •  Front
  • Back
  • Side

6. What is the primary plan of use for your pre-rinse unit?

  • Pre-rinsing only
  • Dish sink
  • Rinsing meats or vegetables
  • Filling glasses, pots or kettles
  • Other use

7. What are your space restraints?

8. Do you have overhead limits?

9. How many compartments are in your sink? Will you be multitasking:

  • Ware washing
  • Cleaning closely positioned equipment
  • Filling other sinks



Unusual or unique inlets: consider inlet adapters and elbows for secure connects.

Location of water source:
Where is the water source? If the water source is in an unusual place or position: consider selecting a remote control. If the water source is deep in the sink: consider a pedal valve.

No hole-punch:
Consider selecting a front water source or retrofits.

Turbo washing:
Consider selecting a high-flow option like Big-Flo faucets which range from 17-55 gpm.

Overhead limitations:
Consider selecting a side-spray unit or low profile model that includes a swivel option, because this will offer a larger range of motion.

How Will You Use Your Unit?:
Will your pre-rinse unit be used in multiple tasks? A pre-rinse unit can be configured properly to perform a wide variety of tasks in tight spaces. Add-on faucets and spray valves are good options for multitasks.

There are a number of parts that can be selected for popular models. This guide can assist you in selecting the perfect pre-rinse sink for your needs. You can identify parts that you would like included on your rinse-sink and your sales rep can assist you in putting it all together.

Commercial Kitchen Pre-Rinse Units

Select a Pre-rinse Unit Type

Overhead Spring
The overhead swivel arm pulls down while in use and is best for commercial general pre-rinsing. This is suitable for single or double compartment sink and is easily maintained.

Roto Flex
The Roto Flex with overhead swivel arm balancer is best for low overhead support. The overhead Roto Flex support allows the hose to easily move up and down and to retract out of the way when it is not being used. This is for single compartment sinks.

Overhead Swivel Arm
The overhead swivel arm provides horizontal spraying range that is atop a riser that swivels. The hose allows free spraying motion, horizontal range of motion but restricts up and down movements and may experience abuse from employees yanking or swinging the hose to force range of motion. This is beneficial for a three compartment sink.

Hose easily retracts and allows for maximum reach with a tall riser that is supported from overhead. Over a five foot range that reaches in all directions. Rinse out additional equipment or fill other sinks. Multiple hose lengths are available for versatile use.

Low Profile
The low profile is best for confined or tight spaces with a low overhead. Best for general rinsing in a one or two compartment sink. Smaller frame with an overhead spring. The low profile is able to provide powerful results.

Select a Spray Valve

B-0107- Flow rate- 1.42 gpm, Clean rate- 20.7 seconds:
The B-0107 is the industry leader with outstanding performance and reliability. This is best for heavy use in commercial kitchens. This is a superior quality spray valve that is used for most general applications.

B-01073- Flow rate- 0.65 gpm, Clean Rate- 21 seconds:
This is the lowest flow rate available and is best rinsing trays without baked on residue.

B-0107-J Flow Rate- 1.07 gpm, Clean Rate-18 seconds:
This is a newer product that reduces cleaning time and removes baked-on residue while conserving water, time and energy.

B-0108 Flow Rate- 1.48 gpm, Clean Rate- 20.9 seconds:
The design is recommended for older employees and reduces fatigue. This is designed for heavy commercial use. A superior spray is generated and it is best suited for general use.

B-0108-C Flow Rate- 0.65, Clean Rate- gpm 21 seconds:
This offers the lowest flow rate and is the most ergonomic brand. Best for rinsing trays without baked on residue. Good for older employees and extended use.

Equip 5SV Flow Rate- 1.42 gpm, Clean Rate- 21.5 seconds:
Uses an economical valve best for general applications. This offers a low-cost option.

Equip 5SV-C Flow Rate- Clean Rate-1.20 gpm, Clean Rate- 22.6 seconds:
Uses a low-flow spray valve and it is a low-cost option for water conservation.

B-1420 – Flow Rate1428, Clean Rate- .65+ gpm:
This is a quick connect spray valve that allows you to swiftly switch valves in order to complete a variety of the tasks. This is best for maximising space in shared work areas.

Best Commercial Kitchen Pre-Rinse Units

ENCORE – MINI- Best in tight Spaces & Height Restricted Areas.
The encore mini is specifically designed for commercial kitchens with height restrictions, and it provides the flexibility and performance that is offered by the standard rinse unit. The Encore-Mini can be used in tight spaces or with height restrictions. This unit includes a six-inch swing nozzle and an add-on tap.

Mini Pre-Rinse Unit for Commercial Kitchen

ENCORE – Spring Type- Multitasking Spring Type Head.
The Die-Pat pre-rinse commercial unit with a spring type head for multitasking. Pre-rinse assembly height is approximately 38″ (965mm) and the clearance height for the underside of the Pre-rinse spray head to the base of the faucet is 10″ (254mm). The projection distance for the overhang from the central line of the faucet to the central line of sprayer head assembly is 15″ (381mm). KN56, KN66 and KN60 Series are completed with 1/2″ NPS mounting hardware. The Encore Spring Units will not be suitable for low water pressure – and a minimum of two bar, 28 PSI, is the maximum working pressure

Spring Type Pre-Rinse Units for Commercial Kitchens

Die-Pat Pre-rinse Unit – H2O – Flexible Hose
Pre-rinse flexible hose begins at 45″ (1143mm) in height. A wall bracket is supplied, and accessories and additional add-on taps are also available.

Die-Pat Pre-rinse Unit- H2O – Straight Arm
The H20 Straight Arm Pre-Rinse Unit is a heavy duty unit that is suitable for hotel, restaurant, kitchen and other commercial use. The straight arm Pre-Rinses begins at 35″ (895mm) in height. Check valves are included which prevent cross-flow, 12″ wall brackets offer secure installation and the heavy duty arm swivels and add support to strengthen and prevent damage. Additional accessories and add-on taps are also available.

Straight Arm Pre-Rinse Units for Commercial Kitchens

ENCORE – Commercial Kitchen Pre-rinse Unit
The Die-Pat commercial kitchen ENCORE pre-rinse unit includes a heavy gauge swivelling arm that is mated to a solid, forged swivel elbow and it is designed to withstand continuous operation and commercial demands. This unit is available with a 12″ (304mm) or 18″ (457mm) swinging arm that offers a full 360o rotation. The Encore Commercial Pre-rinse unit is furnished with a conventional spray head and the exclusive ENCORE money and water saving spray head.

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